Does Trunchball in ‘Matilda’ remind you of your teacher from hell?

Released in 1996, Matilda is one among the most popular classic movies from the 90’s. Based on a novel by the same name, written by Roald Dahl, the fantasy movie is based on the life of the brilliant & telepathically gifted Matilda.


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Title: Matilda

Cast: Mara Wilson, Danny De Vito, Rhea Perlman

Director: Danny De Vito

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Running time: 98 minutes




Deeply unappreciated & neglected by her own family, Matilda finds her sole happiness in books & school.

Matilda is a character many of us can relate to
Matilda is a character many of us can relate to

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Gifted with an IQ higher than normal six-year-olds, she begins to lose her patience with antics of her irresponsible family.


To add to her woes, she is enrolled in a run-down preparatory school where the formidable & mean Mrs. Trunchball is in charge.


Her only savior comes in form of her teacher Miss Jennifer Honey whose attempts to gain her both a promotion to higher class & more attention at home fails badly. During one of Trunchball’s dreaded class inspections, Matilda telepathically splashes a glass with a newt kept as a prank by her friend, on Trunchball. Matilda soon learns that Trunchball is also Miss Honey’s aunt who had mistreated her after her parent’s death & still lived in her father’s old house where Jennifer grew up.


Just as things look bleak for Matilda, she learns to control her telepathic ability & her fight against injustice by her parents & the horrible school principal begins.


Though, the animation of the 90’s may not be that impressive anymore, the movie is worth a watch as it takes you back to your days as a kid when you were small & everyone else looked big & formidable. Although hopefully, there are no real life versions of Trunchball anymore, many of us can relate to that one horrible teacher, most likely a Maths teacher who terrorized us shitless in school.

You can watch the trailer of this classic 90’s movie here:


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